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In 2011, Clark County Health Department began implementation of MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships), a strategic planning process for improving public health, developed by the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO). MAPP focuses of the public health system, all those concerned about the health and safety of their community; seeks to identify and utilize resources wisely; and include input from the entire community. It is a community owned process made up of local partners in Clark County.

The MAPP framework assists communities in improving health by prioritizing public health issues, identifying resources for addressing them and taking action to improve conditions that support healthy living.

To ensure that all factors impacting the health of our community are taken into consideration the core of MAPP is formed by four assessments, which provide critical insights into challenges and opportunities throughout the community. They are:

Community Health Status Assessment: statistical information gathered from various sources to provide an in-depth look at the health status of community residents.

Community Themes and Strengths Assessment: a survey providing insight into the quality of life and what is important to our community.

Forces of Change Assessment: considers forces that may or may not affect the local public health system or the community (i.e. social, environmental, governmental, and economic changes).

Local Public Health System Assessment: assesses the activities and capacities of the local public health system.

Using the results of the assessments, the community identifies issues, develops goals and develops and implements a plan for addressing each issue.

MAPP is a continuous process in which the community frequently reviews the health and safety issues of concern. The Clark County MAPP Partnership's goal is to create a sustained initiative that ultimately leads to improved community health.

All public, private, and voluntary organizations, agencies, groups and individuals that have interests in improving the health of Clark County are invited to join the Clark County MAPP Partnership

Contact: Jennifer Gulley • Phone: 859-744-1488