For Health Professionals

The Clark County Health Department is primarily responsible for the prevention and control of infectious and communicable disease in our county. Kentucky law 902 KAR 2:020 requires medical providers, hospitals, and laboratories to report infectious and communicable diseases to the local health department serving the jurisdiction in which the patient resides in a timely fashion. To prevent diseases from spreading further in the community, qualified health department staff persons (nurses, epidemiologists and environmentalists) provide investigation of the cases to determine a source of infection, whether additional individuals need to be contacted, and to provide education to the patient regarding their illness. Infectious and communicable diseases are then reported to the Kentucky Department for Public Health which reports to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Reportable Disease Notifications

Medical providers, hospitals, or laboratories who are reporting a communicable disease should follow these steps to complete the local notification process:

Step 1:

Review the table of reportable conditions and their respective reporting time frames.

Step 2:

Complete and submit the Kentucky Reportable Disease Form, EPID 200 (unless otherwise specified). Attach copies of relevant lab results in addition to completing the lab section on the form. Please use the following information and fax numbers (when relevant) for reporting:


Forms other than the EPID 200 are required for reporting HIV/AIDS cases in children and adults. Obtain those forms by calling 866-510-0008, or those forms can be downloaded from the DPH Website, Contact information for telephoning case reports and addresses for mailing case reports are on that Website. Reports for HIV/AIDS cases should not be faxed.

Pediatric Confidential Case Form (PDF, 451k) (for patients younger than 13 at time of diagnosis)

Adult Confidential Form (PDF, 441k) (for patients 13 or older at time of diagnosis)

Sexually Transmitted Disease Cases:

Confidential reports for STD cases can be submitted on the EPID 200 form.

Fax a completed form for STD Cases, only, to 502-564-5715. Or, mail to:

Kentucky Department for Public Health

STD Prevention and Control Program

275 E Main St, MS: HS2CC

Frankfort, KY 40621

Animal Bite Reports:

Healthcare providers and healthcare facilities should fax EPID 200 reports about animal bites directly to the Local Health Department (LHD) serving the county in which the patient resides. Please do not fax reports about animal bites to the Kentucky Department for Public Health. In Clark County, fax reports to (859)737-2618.

Reporting All Other Diseases and Conditions Listed in 902 KAR 2:020 (Reportable Disease Surveillance) or in any Public Health Advisory (PHA) Issued per that KAR that Requires Using the EPID 200 Form for Reporting:

Reports, depending upon the notification classification described in 902 KAR 2:020 or in a PHA, shall be submitted by phone, by electronic submission, or by fax or mail submission on an EPID 200 form to the Local Health Department (LHD) serving the county in which the patient resides.

If submitted by telephone, an electronic or fax submission shall be made within one business day to the LHD serving the county in which the patient resides.

Step 3:

Unless otherwise specified above, fax the Kentucky Reportable Disease Form, lab results and other documents to the Clark County Health Department at (859) 737-2426.

Staff can be reached by phone for reporting or for consultation using the information below:

During Operating Hours:

Phone: (859)744-4482

Fax: (859)744-0338

After Hours:

Kentucky Department for Public Health Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning

Phone: (502)564-3418 or 888-9REPORT (888-973-7678)

Fax: (502)696-3803